Superbad DVD (2008) Jonah Hill, Mottola (DIR) cert 15

Superbad DVD (2008) Jonah Hill, Mottola (DIR) cert 15

The Amityville Horror DVD (2005) Ryan Reynolds, Douglas (DIR) cert 15

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This frightening remake of the 1979 horror classic from producer Michael Bay (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) delves deeper into the supposedly true story of supernatural events that occurred in a Long Island, New York home in the '70s. When George and Kathy Lutz (Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George) come across a beautiful river-front colonial home being sold for a steal, they suspect a catch. Once informed that the home was the site of a grisly mass murder, they decide to buy the house anyway and eagerly move in, bringing with them Kathy's three children from a previous marriage. While no one can deny that the house is rife with spooky sounds, the family members try to put their fears at bay. But over time, strange occurrences start happening, becoming more and more frequent, and these events start to have a transformative effect on several family members. Kathy's daughter starts to act bizarrely, ending up in a variety of life-threatening situations, led by her new, not-so-imaginary friend Jody. Likewise, something strange seems to be happening to George. His usually sweet demeanour is replaced with a hostile one, and he starts cruelly taking out his aggression on Kathy's children. Kathy's original assumption that a house cannot be evil is challenged as she watches her husband transform into the sort of man that just might be capable of murdering his family. Faster-paced than the original, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with quick editing, suspenseful music, and moderately graphic violence. The two leads give quality performances, and seem to inhabit the decade in which the story is set despite the film's slick, contemporary production.

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Producer Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form
EAN 5050904104217
eBay Product ID (ePID) 61604866

Product Key Features
Release Year 2007
Leading Role Philip Baker Hall, Chloe Grace Moretz, Melissa George, Jimmy Bennett, Ryan Reynolds, Jesse James
Director Andrew Douglas
Rating 15

Additional Product Features
Format UMD
Genre Horror/Occult
Running Time 86 Minutes
Subtitle Languages Hindi, French, German, English, Turkish
Author Jay Anson
Additional Roles by Philip Baker Hall, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jesse James
Score Composer Steve Jablonsky
Sub-Genre General
Screenwriter Scott Kosar
Language English

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Release Year: 2007 Genre: Feature
Leading Role: Philip Baker Hall, Chloe Grace Moretz, Melissa George, Jimmy Bennett, Ryan Reynolds, Jesse James Sub-Genre: Horror
Director: Andrew Douglas Publisher: TCFHE
Rating: 15 Edition: Normal
EAN: 5050904104217
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